PAINTER (2010-present)

Artist Residency for the retail store House of G&C, Los Angeles (Sept-Dec 2018)

Sketch artist for Jewelry Designer Karen Callan, (Feb 2018-present)

Commissioned works, private and public (as seen on website) (2015-present)

Gallery Curator for Student Fine Art show and Student Photography Contest at UCLA (Spring 2015 and Spring 2016)

Artist Residency at Fulton Market Kitchen, Chicago (March 2016), live painting & Solo exhibition

Designer for Taglit Birthright (artist and graphic merchandising) (2015)

Commissioned mural for The Planetary Society, featured in all new Bill Nye the Science Guy videos (Sept 2015),

Illustrator for children’s book, “Tadeo’s Golaco” by Tadeo (founder of @Cuerpaso), Brazilian soccer player (2014)


● Solo Fine Art Photography Shows:

~ Gloria, Gallery Serendip, Japan, August 2017

~ Fairfax Royalty, The Argyle, Los Angeles, October 2017

~ Fairfax Royalty, Daniel Raphael Gallery, London, November 2017

~ Fairfax Royalty, House of G&C, Los Angeles, October 2018


~ Solo Painting show “Nightlife”, The Argyle, Los Angeles (September 2017)

~ Solo Painting show “Cultural Journeys”, Buckwild Gallery, Venice, Los Angeles (August 2016)

~ Solo Painting show “Cultural Journeys”, Dortoit Center of the Arts, Los Angeles (May 2016)

~ UCLA Undergraduate Juried Art Exhibition, (February 2016)

~ Solo Painting Show “Spacial Meditations”, % Gallery, London (August 2015)

~ UCLA’s White Art Gallery, “Dreams” (2013)